About Us

About Pamela Belisle, Rep Principal and Owner:pam-belisle

I have been involved in the retail business my entire life. My father was a sales rep on the road, selling greeting cards and costume jewelry. Many weeks he was gone from Monday to Friday, covering the state of Michigan. My mother owned a women’s clothing store and I made my first NYC buying trip with her at the age of 11! I have worked in almost every facet of retail from the selling floor and store management to buying, product development, and merchandising for retailers big and small. Bringing this experience to my role as rep principal, I remain focused on the end consumer. I feel it is our purpose to help retailers make good choices and buy products that will create a dynamic retail environment and produce profit.

About the winters group:

Most of the winters group reps have retail experience, which is vitally important. It enables us to connect and relate to what is going on out there on the selling floor every day! Since purchasing the business in 2008, we have grown in many ways. Just a few highlights:

Our living room office (we used to call it the “corporate living room”) has become a larger suite of offices

A customer service specialist who assists the reps and retailers in a variety of ways. We think it is important to support the reps and help them however we can so they have more time to be with their clients.

An office staff completely trained in all facets of sales and service, so everyone who picks up the phone understands the business. We uphold the highest of standards and present as professional and knowledgeable.

In-house support for all the social media, emailing, and analyzing of the business; all of which makes us more efficient and better able to service our retailers.

In early 2014, we purchased an agency that covers New York and New Jersey, expanding our reach and customer base.

Retail is a vibrant and ever-changing business. Every day, we strive to help retailers be successful! It is our mission to provide great customer service, present quality product, and have a team that is both knowledgeable in what they do and creates long lasting relationships.

Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to working with you.


Pamela Belisle

rep principal